Research project

What is the relationship between us and algorithmically generated truths? Is there a degree of agency we can manifest in the process of interpretation?

Algorithmic Faith is an explorative project that creates a parallel between fortune telling methods and computational predictions.
The ways that algorithmic models are starting to produce outcomes are barely knowable for us, operating like opaque blackboxes where the inputs and outputs remain visible, but their internal complexities are mysterious to us.
Computational predictions are methods that process data (from the past) to project it into the future, therefore creating forecasts upon which we rely, but cannot grasp completely.

Relying on such outputs puts us in a position of faith towards the mechanisms that produce them.
Computational predictions act as Oracles, from whose lips the gods speak. They are the gibberish that becomes forecast, and that we take as thoughtful truth.

© 2021 Alessandro Celli